Terra Alternativa ("alternate earth" in portuguese and possibly also in latin) is a project of mine whose origins date from early 2008. It is a project about speculative evolution, and has been through a lot of transformations since I conceived it. Originally, it was about a world where dinosaurs had never evolved, and it was quite awful as I lacked most of the knowledge I have now. Later I settled for a world in which the Triassic mass extinction didn't happened; it was more realistic, but it didn't quite made it. Later it became a world in which evolution in the Cenozoic simply had gone differently, but it was too derived from projects like Spec or Simon Roy's Dinosauroid world.

Nowdays, TA is a project resulted from fusing all my previous ones, and now it focuses on a truly alternate Earth with a different geography (a la parallel fantasy worlds such as Narnia and some of those in His Dark Materials) which had historically some loose connections to our world (allowing animals to pass through portals or something), and as a whole is part of my fictional cosmology project.